The cost of the architectural project | Harchenko Studio Design

I. Architectural Section (AP)
Drafting of technical specifications, the development of the basic concept of the future home, cottage. Definition of a building site on a site
General data (list of drawings of the main set list of sheets included in the set of drawings)
Master plan for the plot, site plan with the location of the house
Floor plans showing all sizes, areas, windows, doors, etc.
Facades (views of the house from all sides)
Roof plan (top view of the roof)
Sections (views of the house in section, indicating the height of floors, thickness of floors, absolute and relative elevations, indicating the composition and description of building layers)
Specification of windows and doors (list of window and door blocks, their number and overall dimensions)
Smoke and ventilation ducts
II. Constructive section (KR)
Foundation plan (foundation construction, cross-section, foundation element specifications)
Overlap structures (layout of overlapping elements layout scheme of floor slabs with the modular variant, reinforcement scheme for the monolithic variant, layout of beams with overlapping beams, specification of floor elements)
Ladder (binding, main dimensions, sections, specification of elements)
Details and assemblies (adjoining structural elements to each other, sections, specification)
III. Engineering Section (IR)
Water section
Sewer Section
Heating section
Electrician section
IV . Small architectural forms (MAF) 3-14 $ / sq.m.
Development of additional buildings (the service is available in conjunction with the design of houses and includes the development of additional buildings: garages, pools, gazebos, baths in the same style)
V. ADDITIONAL. Improvement of the plot of 7-12 $ / sq.m.
Drafting of technical specifications (definition of tasks and functions necessary for the client on the site)
Functional zoning (distribution by zones of various functions, taking into account the surrounding buildings)
Gardening (creating harmony in the combination of architecture and natural forms)
Visualization (view from top to site is added to the main view points)
Architectural lighting of the facades of the house and the lighting design of the site (includes sets of various lighting schemes: holiday, rest, night lights. Beneficially emphasizes the architecture of the building and the site)
4-7 $/ sq.m.
Author's supervision (control over the observance of the project idea on the construction site, allows to realize the project of your house without any major changes in architecture on the part of the builders)
UAH / departure

services are performed for an additional charge;

services that are included in the selected package of services.



Our designer leaves once a week for an object and performs control over repair work, makes an expert adjustment.



Regardless of the choice of package, our studio guarantees a well-thought-out design concept, ergonomic and functional design, as well as high-quality service provision.



We will select textiles, furniture, decorative materials, equipment. We leave alone or with you to shop for purchases.