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If your desire for future interior excellence matches ours, do not delay the decision to create an original and carefully thought-out subject design . Harchenko Design Studio offers to use the services of designing and implementing the unique design of your residential, office or any other space. Read more...

Subject Design from initial project to original implementation

The main feature of the subject design service, our area of activity is the creation of not only a spatial interior, but also a “subject design”, which consists in the selection of certain products, furniture, materials that original and exclusive change the overall interior of the premises.

Our task is to clearly and consistently go from the idea to the unique creation of the object. Therefore, we follow a specific, carefully designed plan:

  • the initial general objective of subject design, from which our experts subsequently repel;
  • the main idea, which is not just the selection of a certain color and the necessary forms, but carries value and thought - creative, transformative;
  • visualization of the project, where designers visualize what the future interior will look like;
  • engineering implementation, which includes special drawing design and specification for the complex implementation of the project.

Such an integrated approach allows us to think through every detail as clearly as possible, every centimeter of the created subject design : style, materials (metal, wood, glass, fabrics, etc.), technologies used and much more.

From the restaurant and cafe to the apartment and office: design, furniture , objects.

We work with any premises where it is necessary to free creative thought, to realize it, to make it clear and materialized. Bars, houses, apartments, offices, cottages, restaurants and cafes - all these places will not become difficulties for our specialists.

The price of a developed project depends on many factors, but on average the cost of developing a concept and idea is from 2,000 to 5,000 hryvnias.

Studio Harchenko Design Studio offers to order a comprehensive interior transformation of the apartment, restaurant, office. Design, furniture and much more to the smallest details will be thought out by our experts. We work in Ukraine, in particular in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov and many other cities. Hide

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Subject design

creation of copyright
and furniture items
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